June 7th 2019 – Collins and Bone Convicted Of Fraud

After a thorough investigation by the Government, Liam Collins and David Bone were charged with fraud. The partners finally pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court just before the trial was due to begin. On June 7th 2019, they were both sentenced to 21 months in prison.
The press release from the Government’s Insolvency Service gives details of the case:



The authorities are in the process of investigating the business affairs of Liam Collins and David Bone Jr, who are both under bankruptcy restriction orders for another 13 years. Here below are the Government’s Insolvency Service findings:-


Here is a link to another article on this subject from the Daily Mail’s This Is Money:



Readers, why not send us your comments or a brief account of your own experiences with Collins & Bone?


As reported in our post of 18th May, David Bone Jr is still getting an income or benefit from three former Collins & Bone properties, as illustrated below:

Abbeycroft Gardens
(always described by estate agents as 
an exclusive gated development)

Carnarvon Road

A Flat in Beckford Court

So why have these properties not been repossessed, sold and the proceeds distributed among CoBo’s many creditors? Well, it’s a fact that the houses have, up to now, been in negative equity; it has always been CoBo’s strategy to pay out as little as possible to the mortgage companies, in such a way that the houses have always hovered on the brink of repossession or LPA receivership. CoBo regarded any money, including income from renting such houses, as unquestionably theirs to spend without regard to contracts or commitments.

It is absolutely plain that David Bone Jr and his family should not be benefiting in any way from these properties. Any income from them should be used to reimburse creditors.


Although we prefer not to publish letters from Liam Collins, for reasons all too well-known to the majority of readers of this Blog, we have made an exception which they may find of interest. We have not edited it.

“Dear Sally and Jasmine,

I am formerly* asking you to remove your blog as it contains statements which are false and therefore defamatory and libelous.

I have mentioned many of these instances to you but you have not removed them. I am taking legal action at present and so this is to say that I have asked you first. If you do not take down the blog then Google will enforce that.

Freedom to speak and freedom to lie are two very separate things.

Kind regards

Liam Collins” 

Though he writes ‘freedom to speak and freedom to lie are two separate things,’ readers will note that he doesn’t bother to separate them in his own case. There is plenty of evidence on this Blog and elsewhere.

To recapitulate: the purpose of this Blog is to clarify the fact that there is more to Liam Collins than a seemingly simple-minded athlete and street performer and they should be aware of it, lest they too be conned. The same applies to his associates such as David Bone Senior and Junior, Mark Black and other family members, many of whom have benefited at the expense of bona fide investors.

*We think he means ‘formally.’ 


Our post of yesterday, featuring a photo of Liam Collins and partner, kindly sent in by one of our readers, predictably elicited a long, angry, self-justifying and abusive rant from him. Any reader interested in seeing his verbose efforts at self-exoneration should let us know and we will happily send a copy. Collins once said that he was dyslexic and in his earlier email rants it was abundantly evident, but a change is apparent in the present email, which is a long and rather preposterous series of arguments—but without spelling mistakes! There are grammatical mistakes, though, but that’s quite understandable. We don’t want to publish it on this Blog as it is not of the right quality and also would not be at all meaningful to anyone unconnected with this case.

One thing that Collins accuses us of is ‘bullying and harassment.’ This is his way of trying to get rid of qualities which he obviously possesses, qualities that show up in his writing: just try to offload them at someone else, preferably someone who takes the trouble to scrutinize his crooked dealings.

When he is finally brought to book, he will, without doubt, try to argue his way out of his past and what he has done to people who trusted him,* but there is ample evidence of his deceit and we are confident that justice will prevail in this case.

*“It is a condition of the free market that trust must prevail between those engaged in commerce …” R. Conquest. Though the sense is anyway obvious, it comfortably bears repetition in this case, in which the trust of bona fide investors has over many years been seriously abused.


A CBS investor has brought it to our attention that three properties disappeared without trace from CoBo’s asset list between 2009 and 2012. They are:

2 Abbeycroft Close, Astley, Tyldesley, Manchester M29 7JT

56 Beckford Court, Tyldesley, Manchester M29 8GF

24 Carnarvon Road, Preston PR1 8PU.

Research has shown that David Bone Jr is benefitting from all three properties in terms of accommodation and rental income.

Abbeycroft Close is a 4-bedroomed house, built in 2004 and acquired by Collins & Bone for £270,000 in October 2007.  Zoopla currently values it at £263,972, so it is just within the bounds of negative equity.  As far as we know, David Bone Jr lives there with his wife and child.

Beckford Court is a 2-bedroomed flat and CoBo used it as a Manchester office for CBS and Collins & Bone. It was purchased in July 2007 for £127,950. Zoopla’s current valuation is £111,898. It is estimated to have a rental value of £568 per calendar  month.

Carnarvon Road is a 3-bedroomed terrace house, purchased by CoBo in February 2008 for £110,000. Zoopla values it at £124,668. This property was put in the name of Rachael Stanley, David Bone Jr’s wife. Its estimated value as a rental is £773 pcm.

It is clearly unfair, to put it mildly, that David Bone Jr should still have charge of three properties and an income from renting out two of them when some bona fide investors have actually lost their homes or had to sell them because of money lost through CoBo’s swindling. We have made sure the authorities know about these properties because it is extremely unlikely that David Bone Jr would inform them about the benefits or income he gets from them. 


For those readers who are as keen as we are to bring Collins to justice, here is some relatively new information about his movements. He has spent a lot of time recently training for athletics events. He hoped to win the 60 metre hurdles at the World Masters Championship in Budapest last month. 
In an interview last year, he said: “My next challenge is to make the Olympic Team for Sochi 2014. Failing that I will try and win the Masters M35 60m Hurdles in Budapest in March.” Collins was not part  of the Winter Olympics team (let us know if you sighted him in Sochi!) and he reached 5th place in the hurdles race in Budapest on 29th March:

He has a lot of psychic baggage to carry around these days, which will clearly impact on his attempts to win in athletics or succeed in any other sphere. He has so far shown no remorse about the devastation and misery caused by his deceit and swindling.
The investigation into Collins and his background of massive fraud is very much ongoing, but we are currently restricted by a confidentiality agreement—which is why this Blog has seemed to be inactive for a while.